Catching my breath.

FINALLY, in a groove…a routine of a sort, I am catching my breath and sincerely enjoying every moment as it comes. I do have those brief intervals of frustration when both kids are screaming the whole car ride home, but they are brief. And we all survive and appreciate arriving home more.
It has been a long while since i posted, I dont really have a commitment to it anymore. I apologize.
Girls are big, if you know me check facebook for pictures. They are almost 1 and a surefire 2 1/2. CUTE CUTE CUTE and rotten. Love them so much. Anyone ever read Max Lucado? I have a hard time reading his books because he writes like I am now. Short. Sometimes one-word. Sentences. lol. I really struggle with that.
I have been reading a lot of books lately- Got a NOOK in february for valentines day (thx honey bunny) and have sufficiently used it 🙂 . I went from reading 1-3 books a year to already since february 2011 having completed 10. WHEW! Thats quite an increase. Most have indeed been on the NOOK, however, I have read a few from the library and friends to keep costs reasonable. Its funny, Reading whether its on the NOOK or the old fashioned book, still is a great habit to form. I am waiting on my next book to arrive in the mail. I thought I would take longer to finish the one I had before…but i breezed through it in just 2 days (thought it would take a week). SOOO. as I am waiting I find myself cleaning more (ugh, probably good though), blogging, scrapbooking, watching missed shows, and twiddling my thumbs impatiently. I am so ready to keep this going- this reading thing!

anywhoos…as an update on everything else besides my reading and the girls’ ages, i want to say- that we just LOVE where we are right now. In every realm: spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, professionally, community, family….EVERYTHING. I feel so blessed sometimes i sit back and just take a moment in hoping it wont pass. I guess i am finally realizing that we are getting older, and time keeps going faster.

I heard in bible study this morning (the newest addition to my life), that we are called here to this time, this generation for a specific purpose: to be relevant for the Lord here, NOW. I pray that we are as individuals and as a family. I pray the Holy Spirit would help me to teach my girls about Jesus, and what He has done and what we should do in response to that. I pray that they see urgency in serving Him and not wasting another ounce of the life they have been given. They are a bit young right now to grasp most of that, but you better believe I pray they watch jason and I….and that our example teaches them something of the Lord.
As life keeps going, Ill keep praying. Probably reading too 🙂

I am so thankful that God has blessed us so much….unmerited grace, AMEN.

If my book comes tomorrow, I may not blog for a while. If it doesnt, you may see another entry 🙂


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