Cat’s out of the bag

today Ana got her first haircut! YAY! she was sooooo good. I have been trimming her bangs up until this point, but now we have made it a routine to do with Jason when he gets his hair cut. Today, she wanted to do it and was persistent so we did it. Multiple times before she has gotten ready to do it and cried at the last second saying NO NO NO but today was different. she wore the little drape and even watched mrs tracy cut away! We trimmed off some yucky ends too- it was a great first haircut experience! ANA LOVED IT! she was flaunting her hair all the way home. I told mrs. tracy at smartstyles that she has earned our business for LIFE!

Cat’s out of the bag- we are moving. about a month from now…maybe 5 weeks….we are headed toward WEAVERVILLE aka WEAVER-VEGAS ha ha. Its 2 miles north of asheville, basically only 22 minutes from us now. We landed a sweet house that has all the things we wanted. I thought for sure we wouldnt find anything that had ALL our requests, but it seems the Lord paved the way for us to find this here house. Its super cute, big, has privacy fenced yard and great sized rooms for everyone. Even a finished basement for an office/guest room that is big, and an oversized double garage. YAY. So excited to move- we werent going to because we really like this place. BUT Jason and the kids maybe me a little too….were itching for a yard and Otter definitely was itching for one (lol pun intended). Plus our lovely neighbors helped us really start to look for alternative living. It works out great- mom and dad sold their house and are going to a townhome where they will have little to NO outdoor maintenance, so we are inheriting all the necessities plus some. They are also downsizing as we are upsizing so our need for a few furniture pieces has been solved. They were going to be moving a week after us but it seems their house closing is moving rapidly- now its Apr 27th~! They will probably not move until May 10th or so, but still- that is only 3 weeks! AAAHHHH! We are not going anywhere until May 23rd.  SOOOO EXCITED!

Mom and dads new place to our new place is only 2 minutes of driving time different from their current place to our current place. However it is twice the miles (all hwy). So I am looking forward to it all. I think being on the outskirts of asheville will keep me from shopping so much too. 🙂

Took Ana too the zoo when we went to Nashville to visit family. SO NICE TO SEE EVERYONE! I really enjoyed it and I know Jason, the girls did too. Even Otter did= he was at GA GAs house the whole time. SPOILED. ANYWHOO we took the girls to the nashville zoo for anas birthday, she LOVED it. We got to see a ton of animals up close and had great weather. We will probably be having a party for her as we have a housewarming in the new house. With our yard and basement plus open kitchen/dining room/ living room it will be a swell pad for a get together.


That is all for now….oh thanks Auntie Rachael for the cute popsicle skirt and tank top that Ana was wearing today. She HAD to have one as soon as she put it on. ha ha ha.  AND thx to Auntie Kat and Uncle J- the color wonder markers are saving us a ton in furniture cost. 🙂


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