Baby doll that does WHAT?!?

Did anyone else see GMA this morning?
Interesting story on the newest baby doll, the breast milk baby

I am going to weigh on the side of the fence that says it would do positive things for the “negative” opinion about breastfeeding thats out there and not say anything of the sort that it would be “a bad thing” for any child. Its funny to me how the report said that this baby encourages young girls to get pregnant and be sexually active…WHAT!?!?!? that is the biggest piece of BOLOGNA I have EVER heard.  If you want to go that route, then what ARE little girls exposed to in our culture that teaches them that their body is NOT just for sexual purposes? THANK YOU. At least this doll is giving these young gals something to have in common with their mommies who are taking care of their siblings. I belive that this doll would in fact promote breastfeeding into being a less “shamed” part of parenting.

So many people (who have not breastfed or had breastfeeding in their children’s lives) think its gross, improper, has no dignity, etc. To that I say- parenting is gross, parenting is improper at times, parenting has no dignity (espeically in labor) at times. Breastfeeding is something God made and is the most dignified thing we can do for our kids. Oh- and if you think its gross, you better not have kids cause A LOT MORE GROSS things happen when they are your own. Feeding them is certainly not something I would call “gross”.

Both of my girls have been breastfed- no bottle whatsoever, no not at all (even if i wanted…which i have tried…). And I am tired of getting looks from friends and family when I have to leave the room to feed Alexis, or when she spits up and they yell, “yuck its breastmilk” or even when they make comments like, “she has teeth. arent you done breastfeeding her” and “are you going to breastfeed until she goes to school?” Or even better- I make a bottle of breastmilk and they refuse to touch it because its breastmilk inside. SO SILLY AND RIDICULOUS! Motherhood is not for the weak- parenthood is not for those who wish to stay comfortable. AND breastfeeding if it can be accomplished, is something to be very proud of and applauded. It takes A LOT of sacrifice.

I will reinforce in my kids as they grow up that breastfeeding is what I did for them because I was able and felt passionate that it was the best option for them, regardless of the time, “dignity”, “grossness”, etc. that it took. Its one of the ways God gave me to love them, and I did it.

All this rise up within me as I watched the report. It revealed the truth about what america really thinks of breastfeeding (even though when you have a baby docs and hospitals pound it into your skull that its important). All of this to say……..
…..the breast milk baby may or may not be a doll that my children have, but I do not see it as any different as the baby dolls that come with bottles. And Hey, maybe it will teach a growing generation that breastfeeding is not something that people should GAWK at but rejoice in seeing a mom believe in.


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