Hallelujah is right! For those who do not know, Alexis has been dreadfully ill over the past week. Today however, she is showing dramatic change in the positive direction. I made sure to take her in the sunshine today since it was so warm and sunny (unseasonably). She is smiling, laughing, playing, eating, sleeping almost normal amounts. Although these seem small they are huge accomplishments from where shew was.
She has RSV, a severe case of it that caused extreme dehydration. Poor lil Lexi was on fluids for 3 days before she perked up! We must give a shout out here the grandma in montana, Grama Honey- I sent her a picture of Lexi after we were discharged from the ER the first time and she immediately called me and told me to take her back. Believe it or not, they were ready to discharge us again and Daddy (Jason) refused to allow them to, along with our regular pediatrician who demanded we be kept overnight. 2 days later we were finally seeing a somewhat well baby. She probably wouldnt have been so well so quickly if it werent for the keen eye of the Honey.  🙂

All in all- a very trying event in our lives…in the wake of it I am realizing just how much it has affected me.  Having gone through all that with her has made me a different mother. When no one else was there in the wee hours of the morning and she was crying…and I had no help. Just me in a dark ICU room on the peds wing. That first night I had an awful nurse, and all they seemed to do to her was interrupt her times of calmness to get her wound up again. Bedside manner- she had none that was genuine.  Anyway, when we were finally moved into a more comfortable situation I had 2-3 hours of sleep (in 36 hours maybe more) in a crib. Yes, a crib- because they didnt have anything else for me, so I climbed into the hospital grade crib with Lexi to comfort her. Brings tears to my eyes… that night was the most miserable and guilt-laden night of my life. She was so sick. An experience like this cannot leave you without changing you. It made me a stronger mom, more patient mom, more outspoken mom, and more trusting mom.  The holy spirit infused me with endurance and breathed life back into Lexi’s frail body. Above all it made me a grateful mom and really shook up my priorities list.

Outside of all of this I missed Ana and Jason terribly, as we only saw them as much as we could. Jason was very busy trying to balance caring for all of his girls and not getting too far behind with work. He was amazing and strong for all of us too. Ana was super good for all who watched her. Bless her heart, she is still on a prescription for her ear infections that we discovered just a few days before Lexi was diagnosed! She’s a trooper though….and she’s two. Not much can stop a 2 year old. Ha ha, you would never know she was ever sick. That silly girl is 100% back to normal!

Today is Ana’s birthday! So crazy to think that she is already 2, but still crazy to think that it was only 2 years ago she was born. Feels like so much of life has gone by in that short span of time.  We made her feel special today with a trip to the farm at Biltmore Estate (thx mom for the season passes love you), smiley face whipped cream pancakes, and cupcakes decorated by her later on. She had a great time playing with some new toys and petting all the animals today.

Whew. After going through it all, whew. After recanting it here, whew. God knew what he was doing through the timing of all the events in the past week: we had a bright light at the end, Ana Claire’s life celebration of being 2. YAY.

Thank you to everyone and all that prayed for us. Jason and I both could tell you the exact moment when those prayers started to work. Lets just say it wasnt long after we got to the ER saturday night!


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  1. Mary
    Mar 24, 2011 @ 19:46:49

    I am sooo sorry to hear that you had a bad nurse and that they had nowhere for you to sleep. That is so hard to believe on a Peds unit. I’m very glad to hear little Lexie is doing well now.


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