“Oooda-lolly oooda-lolly golly whata day(s)…”

thanks for the song, dear rooster of robin hood. Anyone remember his name?

It certainly has been more than “a day” though. Seems a respiratory bug from the cruise liner mom and dad rode at the end of February bit them and then came after my kiddos. Ana was first with a slight cough…then boogies….then two ear infections. Thought Lexi was teething…then the vomiting came…RSV. Couple this with a husband who got food poisoning (ouch) and a dog who started itching again just 10 weeks after ending his (very expensive) medicine that was supposed to take care of the problem. Ugh. Not complaining, but just taking a look back to remind myself I have made it this far. To keep going is not nearly as difficult as it feels! I believe tomorrow will begin the day where there is a noticeable difference in everyone. I could tell definite in all those sick in the house today, but tomorrow…tomorrow is going to be even better. Hallelujah.

In my sleep deprived state (currently) I am noticing a lack of brain functioning. ha ha. No seriously though- on the way home I felt myself not really paying attention to what I was doing (driving)…not safe. SO not safe, I swerved off the road and got some of the shoulder. IF it were just me in our Ford Focus I wouldnt care much, but it was the cadillac with the girlies snoozing in the back seat. Talk about making your heart leap into your chest. I cant imagine what I would do if i ever wrecked with them in the car. Grace is given as needed though I know.

The last thing I want to do at this moment is go up stairs and ask the neighbors to quit running up and down and jumping….and wrestling….but I just may have to go pay them an unfriendly visit. I have done all I know how to do, even praying for them. I want to be able to just ignore it but it often wakes up either Ana or Lexi so it prompts my “momma bear claws”. Good news though- Jason and I prayed and decided that at the end of March we would make a final decision about whether or not we are moving…its the end of March in just a few days! Although we do not want to move, (and if we had decent upstairs neighbors we probably wouldnt) we feel that it is the best option for us for the long term. Soon and very soon we will KNOW! YAY. Lets just say I went over our lease today and pulled out the 60-day notice form.  🙂

Has anyone else noticed the CRAZY amount of talent on this season’s American Idol?!?!? I actually thought there were more talented people they cut out too! Who do you say is the winner? or at least in the top 3?


Until next time (must go get neighbors….)-


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