Hello Jello

no im not eating Jello, although i bet you thought i was based on my blog title!

Haha ha tricked you…No here is yet another blog entry from someone who is just rambling in order to get some adult interaction 🙂

I almost titled this blog , “kids in a cadillac” because thats what I do….i drive my kids around in a cadillac. I think its kind of an oxymoron. But I am learning that a little armorall and leather cleaner can do wonders, as Ana and I did clean the inside of it out yesterday. We gave our van to my family to use as a trade in cause they needed a vehicle with 4wd or awd and not a car like the cadi. Lucky us, it rides smooth and has great great comfort all around.  I just cant help but feel like I am fooling all who make “snap judgements” about our family. Ha ha. NO WAY we could ever get a cadi, especially not at this point of our lives. BUT I am learning that this is what people do- put on “an expensive coat” and have sweat pants on underneath cause no one can see them. Does that make sense? I dont know that it is intentially done by so many of us though….maybe someone who needs to be admired for prestige….however i do think that the “snap judgements” are whats incorrect here.  Either way, life is happening for all of us so differently, how can we honestly say, “whoa they are well off, they drive a cadi” or “man they are really spoiled- she is reading her NOOK and driving a cadi with 2 kids under 2!”

All of this to say- I am spoiled. Have been for a while, just dont like to say it. We have had such favor shown to us in our lives individually and together (jason myself and the girls). We have very generous family, friends, neighbors (except the folks upstairs lol), church family, etc. Above all that, God is Good and that is the TRUTH.

So I guess you picked up on my little hint….JASON GOT ME A NOOK FOR VALENTINES DAY!!!!  I was so scared that it would be something that I would not use very much….but that is why he got me a nook and not a kindle. THe Nook COLOR has wifi and you can get other apps. SWEET. I have been reading books to the girls, for myself, checking email and facebook, etc. Its AWESOME. I highly recommend one! Remember its NOOK COLOR, not kindle 🙂

In other SPEIER news, we took some pictures today of the girls because they are getting dedicated on Sunday Feb 20th at Biltmore Baptist church at 11am SHARP. The church has a VERY LARGE (3 to be exact) high def screens that will post a picture of them up on it, so we wanted to get some good ones. Ga Ga (grammy) got them some cute dresses (cause shopping is her thing for sure) and they looked ADORABLE. I posted most on facebook, check it out. Had toruble posting here…shockwave crash or something. Anywhoo- these may be called Easter pictures too, since they are in their dresses that may be worn on Easter.

Ok kiddos crying, its is only nap time. See ya next entry.