Lay ‘Em Down

I often have a song of the day, or the time….today and for this time its the song “Lay Em Down” by Needtobreathe. I favor their music in general, but this one kind of has a lot to say about what God is working in my life. Hopefully you can LAY EM DOWN too before life gets crazy….Layin em down is what God wants for us 🙂

Needtobreathe Myspace Page

Here’s a YouTube with the lyrics- its great.

Also, you know with me being just about 34 weeks pregnant here, I am getting closer and closer to where I am just going to have to count on CHrist to get me through 🙂 Labor yes, but the afterwards too. Exhaustion, being patient although SOOO TIRED, and being loving to my husband and daughters even when I am hormonal. Ha ha. I really am praying for these things now, as I sincerely do not want Ana and Jason to pay the price for anything.

Anywhoo- also reading a great book, So long insecurity, you’ve been a bad friend by Beth Moore. Its her latest and its SUPER GOOD. Even if you think you have no issue with insecurity or that your issues are minor, its still an area of stronghold that Satan could distract you from becoming who God is making you to be…so why not nip it in the bud? However, chances are if you are female you KNOW you have some hang up with insecurity whether its in relationships, appearance, work, etc. so I would HIGHLY recommend this book.  I found it in paperback in the web for one $11 including shipping so get after it!

Funny moment of the day- Ana likes mandarin oranges pretty good. When they are in a fruit cup or a salad she picks them out and eats them. Well, today we were driving and I was giving her bites of her fruit cup (at a red light friends…) and i handed her a mandarin orange. She thought it was soooo funny! She was laughing while she nibbled on it, squeezed it in her fingers, touched it to her face, etc, and LOVED it. Ended up destroying it and not eating it, but she had a good time laughing. ha ha ha.

One more funny moment- at my expense I will share this one as I did on facebook- I spent 20 minutes looking for my glasses today…..all the while they were on my face. Not on my head, totally on my face. I am wondering why it took me 20 minutes to realize that I could see just fine….hmmm.

Excited about my darling friend’s baby shower Saturday. Its going to be FUN FUN! Also looking forward to the folks Jason works with having their lil ones- there are 2 due, boy on Sept 15 and girl on Sept 17.  Wouldnt it be funny if lil Alexis came shortly thereafter too? YAY!

OH lets not forget- the lil sis Rachael James….turning the big 23 on Wednesday the 25th. HAPPY BDAY sis!