Church and 31 weeks

Church yesterday was great. Ironically, a lot of what I have been feeling and blogging about the last week was inthe sermon….something about words and Pastor Bruce Frank even said at one point, “do you mean them- really mean them?”, pertaining to worship. The sermon was on worship, but it was a refreshing, different sort of message. Jason and I both really enjoyed it. You can hear the podcast here but I don’t believe this past sunday’s podcast is up yet. Once you get to the website you could look up VERTICAL- its the service they have in the evenings that is very contemporary, targeted to young adults but for everyone. The same sermon was given at VERTICAL but they always put up a video podcast pretty quick. Check it out= Pastor Bruce is great to listen to.

I am 31 weeks today….just 7 more and this little one is considered full term 🙂 I am looking forward to NOT being pregnant, yes, but I am more counting down the days until I can hold this little lamb, see her cutie face, touch her little fingers, and feel her fresh baby skin. What a blessing we have been given! I am really really excited to meet her face to face. I am calling it though- I am thinking she’ll be a September baby!

My sister Rachael is such a sucker for her nieces and nephew. She goes through withdrawal if its been while since she’s played “keep-away the passy” with Ana.  Rachael hasn’t even met little Lexi yet and she is already buying half the store for her! Yesterday she surprised us with a brand new glider-rocker 🙂 I used a recliner with Ana, got rid of it when we moved, and really needed something to nurse and rock babies in.  She saw it and couldn’t resist it even though she already has MULTIPLE gifts wrapped and ready for a baby shower up in her room.  She’s so funny…

Saw that our little friend Ethan Cline who is only a few months old has been in the hospital for a couple days with a high fever and sickness…not sure what it is, but the poor baby had to get an I.V…I wouldve cried my eyes out. Poor thing- keep him in your prayers.

OH last AND LEAST IMPORTANT- the bachelorette season finale is tonight 🙂 Who will it be???? All I know is what the commercial advertises- “Its never… ended…. like….. this!” Ha ha ha ha