today, 10months!

Today is Ana Claire’s  10 month birthday! YAY! I thought to myself when I looked at the calendar this morning, “oh my…she is almost one.” And sat in silence (that is of course until Ana pulled me out of that moment 🙂 ) When I got married I said I wanted to wait to have kids- 10 years (ha ha yeah right)- because I knew life would fly by sooo fast with kids and it was already going fast enough for Jason and I. After we were married for a few months I changed my mind and said 5 years….still fearing how fast life would become. Well, on our 3 year anniversary Ana was 3 months old. Ha ha. It just goes to show that you don’t really have any say in when you have kids at all, you can only simply state your preferences about it.  Let me tell you though- we were THRILLED when we found out, and now even more thrilled at what life has become for us. It is soooo much fun with her! Thank you, Jesus for sending us a child, really PRAISE YOU, Lord. All that to say- YES, life is going by soooo fast. I cannot believe she is going to be 1 soon. WOW.  I know I didn’t miss anything and that I was here the whole time, but where did all those months go?

Today we are getting upgraded from cable to satellite TV with DVR. OH YEAH! We can now pause, rewind, FF, and record tv. YAY! Now Michael (6) and Maddie (5) my niece and nephew wont look at me weird when they cannot rewind their shows. ha ha ha.

THis is my first day since Tuesday feeling ok- a stomach bug passed through my family. Not to Jason or Ana, THANK GOODNESS (and thank you if you prayed for them to stay well), but through my nephew, niece, sister, brother and me. IT was a rough one. Lots of throwing up for a few hours and then just a couple days of nausea. It reminded me what it would be like for me to be pregnant again….sick….yuck. But I saw these 2 little girls today( sisters) so close in age and they were totally best buds and soooo cute! I am ready for another 🙂 even if I puke my guts up in the process.


Windy Wednesday

Driving in the car today I heard a song on the Christian radio station that just pierced my heart. I used to listen to Christian music all the time. In fact it was all I listened to until recently when some circumstances led me to take a “break” from this sort of music. THe break was much needed as I found that I really had lost the “salt” and zeal in my worship to JESUS.
WEll, just like anything that GOD does, he caught me off-guard and really showed himself to me in the few small moments. I am thankful for this little interlude. It brought me back in a sense…not that I left, but I had forgotten. I have forgotten what yearning for the Lord – crying out to Him for something, anything, – and desiring an answer so much that you are physically on your knees in tears… begging… I forgot what that was like. So tonight in the car on the dark ride home from my mother’s the Holy Spirit gave me that moment. Ana sleeping in the backseat, empty road and a receiving heart. It was not a time I would have picked, but I am so grateful it came. In the midst of it just being myself and Ana in the car, it wasnt just us. And I was comforted.

Moments like these seem to occur when circumstances are down or we are at our “wits end” like it says in Psalm 107. Christ does indeed rescue us and calms the storm in times of need, like NO ONE else.  I was at my wit’s end with Ana being ill today. I needed reassurance that God knows what is happening with her even if the doctors’ guessing was missing the target. Her pitiful little body has known quite a bit of distress in the last 2 months. Today I needed a reminder of God’s healing power and of His ever-presence in every small part of our lives. I needed to be reminded of how His love is ever protecting me and those dear to me. That even though I am just one life among many calling out for something from Him, I am not any less important than any other…and He WANTS me to over and over again realize my need for Him.

WIth all of this running in my mind, I couldn’t help but think, “goodness how dare i be so concerned with Ana being sick when others must endure other circumstances much more difficult”. We have all heard that before “it could be worse” sort of thing. I feel like that is such a cheap way out of feeling bad and into feeling OK about things. Not only is it CHEAP but it only makes you guiltily choose to be less concerned about your life. I hate guilt and refuse to have it be a motivating factor in decisions I make so I was not satisfied with this cop-out. I am satisfied not by comparing my situations to others’ but by knowing that the only constant in all the universe who knows all and is concerned with the finest of details will come through and show His glory even when the situation is grim.
When we look to other people to find our comfort (because our circumstance is not as bad as theirs) we lose perspective just as if we continue to stare in the mirror looking for answers. When we turn our eyes to Jesus (and let go), our perspective becomes His, the truth is plainly seen, and surprisingly we can be at peace, or calm in the storm.

 I am resting tonight, assured, that God heard my cry as he was there with me when I poured my heart out to Him. I am resting assured tonight that Ana will soon be well, that my dear friend will find an answer from Christ in her deep need, and that He will always have me as I have always had Him.

 Two songs for the day…Hold My Heart and Calmer of the Storm. Be sure to check them both out, but if you have to pick only one- definitely go with Calmer of the Storm, my lifetime anthem.

It was windy today…..windy Wednesday.

the first Monday in 2010

how was your first monday in 2010? 🙂

Ana was running a fever yesterday afternoon which continued into the early part of this Monday, and is still continuing now. 102 last I checked. She went to the doc this morning, got medicine, and tonight we are sleeping on the couch while holding her, taking shifts. long night this monday night.

STILL a great day though. sCOLD COLD COLD, as Karen Winn likes to say.

ABC’s The Bachelor premiered tonight, with pilot and nice guy JAKE from last season of the Bachelorette as the Bachelor. IT WAS AWESOME! Jake actually quoted 1 Cor 13 in speaking of the love he is looking for in his woman. AND the sex before marriage question came up several times throughout the 2 hours, where as usually it is just assumed that that is what you do.  Some of the girls he ended up giving roses to puzzled me, however- my pick of the night was TENLEY….who got the first impression rose! OH YEA! All I gotta say is, show’s over- TENLEY is winning this thing! They are made for each other (from what I can tell in the short snap shots I have to work with 🙂 ) It was fun to watch, as it always is, but especially because i got my sister and Jason hooked! YAHOO!

Did anyone watch that CONVEYOR BELT OF LOVE show that came on right after The Bachelor? What an awful show. I can definitely see why ABC did it though- they had to do something with all those bachelor and bachelorette applications that didn’t quite make the cut. ha ha.

surprised I had time to blog today. I imagine I will be tired as a result of it. Either way, new years resolution still going strong on day number 5 of this new year.

2010 here we come

So- its January 2nd….and my new years resolution is to blog on a regular basis. So how do you do that exactly? Would I be a complete GEEK if I googled “blogging” to see what it is all about? I just may have to…

As much as I was looking forward to 2009 coming to an end, I am jumping into to 2010 and all it has to bring feet first. After such an unpredictable year, I really do feel like we could take just about anything that swings our way. I really don’t know how people can plan anymore…Anyone else know what I mean?
It may sound somewhat dismal of an outlook- looking forward to 2009 coming to an end– but really, I was.  And I don’t see it as a dismal statement or mentality. I see it as a positive one, because now that 2009 is over and I am still here with everything intact (friends, family, home, life, etc.) I can say that I SURVIVED! Congratulations to everyone else who is filled with joy at the same realization. 🙂

I should not fail to mention the brightest spot of 2009, the brightest spot of my life so far- our dear Anastasia. What a bundle of love! I have learned a lot from this past year of being a mother, but am so glad that I have some, little but some, experience under my belt. My confidence in mothering is gaining ground, hallelujah, and we are all a happier family because of it.
Ana is such a darling and has made the tough parts of 2009 easier to tolerate. I had her to cling to, and a new meaning to every decision I made. I could probably say “we” in that statement, but I wont speak for Jason as he does indeed have his own blog!  🙂 Ana has also made some of the greatest memories we have of 2009. I am grateful for her…oh so grateful, words cannot say.

Looking into 2010- very excited about the goals I have made for myself-

  • blogging regularly- whatever regular that may be…
  • visiting the gym regularly- whatever that may be too…
  • paying off a couple particular debts (oh yeah light at the end of the tunnel)
  • saving for vacation (avoiding taking a lump sum of moolah from the month we go)
  • staying connected to my friends (hard work when you get older I am learning…)
  • showing more affection all around  🙂 (hug hug kiss kiss)
  • only doing laundry and dishes in the early morning and late at night (keeps the mid-day happy)

I think that is a good start. Believe it or not, I probably spent the most time agonizing over resolutions not listed here, but these are still very important to me. That whole scripture on, “let your yes be yes and your no be no” really is saying to do what you say you are going to do…so hold me accountable! That is why blogging is one of them.

All in all, 2009 has taught me that you just never know what can and will happen. So in 2010 I am throwing in the towel and am not going to let the unpredictables get to me. Why throw a hissy-fit and get all upset? Just lean on JESUS and its all OK. SOunds cliché, but really- it is better to NOT know what is headed our way, but its even better knowing that there is a constant in our lives who does not change, Hallelujah.

Verse for 2009 AND to start off 2010 right:
“My heart is steadfast, O God, I will sing and make music with all my soul.” Psalms 108:1

I AM by Jill Phillips   Yes oh yes, this is a great song. An ANTHEM if you will, for WHO God is and what He has been to me in 2009, what He is in 2010, and what He always will be.

Still learning this WordPress thing- so as I learn the blog will get more creative looking. For now, bear with the boring-ness. 
I hope you know I am grateful for your reading of this.   🙂

facebook ended my dog’s profile :(

I was just on facebook and noticed that Rocky, my deceased dog’s facebook page link was no longer light blue with hyperlink. SO I searched for him…no where to be found. Jason and I are mortified. We actually posted a BUNCH of photos of Rocky in order to remember him and then asked facebook to memorialize his page. We are guessing facebook deleted his profile because he was not a person.

So, I logged into the email account we made for him just to see if there was a response from the facebook people back in November when I asked if they would memorialize his page. There was:

We are very sorry to hear about your loss. Unfortunately, fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. Facebook requires users to provide their real first and last names. Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to reactivate this account for any reason. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Thanks for your understanding,
User Operations


So does this mean that facebook monitors who uses facebook or who becomes a member? Does this mean that one day your pet’s facebook page may just DISAPPEAR?

Watch out…they will get you.